solar swimming pool cover Heat retaining insulating covers

Heat retaining, insulating Clear Solar Swimming Pool Cover - ideal for heating garden, outdoor swimming pools with FREE solar energy.

Thermapool guarantees customers with Swimming pools insulated with Thermapool and using our Clear Solar Swimming Pool Covers, on summer days when conditions are warm and sunny customers will not need to heat their outdoor and garden swimming pools

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Our NEW clear solar swimming pool covers heat your swimming pool faster and for FREE. Our swimming pool cover is laced with air bubbles that act as an insulating layer, protecting your swimming pool from winds and night time cooling, equivalent to any other pool covers. In addition, this crystal clear solar swimming pool cover allows 100% of the solar energy to reach the depths of your swimming pool water, heating your swimming pool thoroughly and for FREE.

Our solar swimming pool cover is made of tough material so it will outlast other pool covers on the market.

Investing in the new clear solar swimming pool covers will give you the best swimming pool heating you can buy, absorbing 100% of the suns solar energy which produces 1Kw/m² per hour.

On a 10 by 5 meter swimming pool you will be absorbing 50Kw per hour into your swimming pool, heating your swimming pool water for free.

Any colours within the solar swimming pool covers will block the suns solar rays being absorbing or will be filtering the sun solar energy or even reflecting it's energy back into the atmosphere if it is silver or gold.