Save money and save the planet with your swimming pool

Whether you’re having a new swimming pool installed or you want to get your existing swimming pool insulated, Thermapool is the ideal insulation product. Thermapool's insulation is eligible for a grant under the UK-wide CERT scheme. The grant is provided by SSE and has received approval by Ofgem, the energy regulator.

Thermapool traps solar heat in outdoor swimming pools and prevents heat loss in all swimming pools. Thermapool was found to save 86% of heat loss from swimming pools even without a swimming pool cover in studies done with BRE and Anglia Ruskin University. In fact, it is so efficient our customers have had to turn the pool’s heating off during the hottest weeks of the year! What’s more, our research shows that swimming pools fitted with 75mm Thermapool insulation can save up to £2,900 per year in energy costs and prevent up to 6 tons of CO2 entering the earth’s atmosphere*.

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* Calculations based on 10m x 5m x 1.5m swimming pool heated by electric to a temperature of 37°c at 10p per Kwh.

'Half In Half Out Swimming Pool'

This swimming pool was opened for the season in the UK in May 2008 and took 3 days to heat from 12 ˚C - 28˚C, using it's 2Kw heater! (A kettle-sized heating element using a standard 3-pin UK plug). An energy power monitor showed the pool only used 211.50 Kwh (£0.09 per Kwh = £19.03 ) worth of electricity to heat the pool at the start of the season.

TOPIC installed this swimming pool in 2003 using 50MM INSULATION BOARD. Even after 5 years it still heating up with very little energy use.

Swimming pool owners Jason and Sam Costi comment

Jason: "We really don't notice having a pool on our electricity bill, our gas bill for the house is far larger than our electricity bill".

Sam: "The thermostat is always set to 30˚C, but we've had two summers where we've unplugged the heater for over a month as the pool was heating up into the 40's (degrees) without the heater plugged in. The pool becomes like bath water, all you were missing were the bubbles!"

By installing Thermapool Sam and Jason have saved thousands of pounds.

Notes: The Swimming Pool size is 5.1m x 3.2m x 1.2m. The pool is half sunk into the ground. The swimming pool is fitted with a basic clear blue bubble cover which is removed only when the family is using the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Energy Savings

"Energy bills have been rising 15-18% every year since 2005"

Specifying Thermapool will save you money and reduce carbon emissions.

The amount of energy saved by using Thermapool Swimming Pool Insulation is dependent on:

> The soil around the Swimming Pool.

> The fuel used to heat the Swimming Pool.

> Ground water present.

How many lightbulbs does it take to heat the soil around a Swimming Pool?

These diagrams illustrate the heat conducted into the soil and radiated into the air above the soil around a swimming pool showing the energy wasted expressed in terms of energy emitted by 60w light bulbs.*

Thermapool Insulation (Any Soil) = 5 x 60w Light bulbs constantly on (300w)


Soil Insulation (Dry Clay) = 45 x 60w Light bulbs constantly on (2,700w)

Soil Insulation (Rock Soil) = 58 x 60w Light bulbs constantly on (3,450w)

*Extract from the BRE report Thermal Performance of Swimming Pools 15959 - Aug 2004

You can see soil is a very poor insulator!