Thermapool Swimming Pool Cooling System

.When you insulate your swimming pool with Thermapool insulation system you can include a Thermapool pool water cooling loop - because at the warmest times of the year you might want to reduce the temperature of your swimming pool. The Thermapool pool water cooling loop is placed in the backfill of the swimming pool surround. You switch it on to allow the swimming pool to cool down in the hottest months of the summer or any time you want to reduce the pool temperature. The Thermapool Cooling System forms part of your filtration system.

"Thermapool is extremely effective at capturing the sun's radiation, which heats your swimming pool for free!". 


Our customers have told us that their outdoor swimming pools in the UK can get so hot during the summer they switch off the swimming pool heating.

This is not surprising because the Thermapool system captures the solar radiation gains and heats the swimming pool water. This is why Thermapool recommends that when constructing a new build swimming pool you use the Thermapool swimming pool cooling loop. If your pool temperature was to rise above 32oC this is an effective way to reduce the temperature to whatever you want it to be. When planning for your swimming pool remember that using Thermapool insulation means a smaller heater than you would usually expect can be used. This will save you money both during initial capital setup and over the life of the swimming pool in lower heating bills.