CERT Energy Saving Grants - available for domestic swimming pool owners for all refurbishment projects and new build outdoor pools

Building or renovating your existing Swimming Pool is the right time to ensure you insulate with Thermapool 75mm Swimming Pool Insulation. Thermapool insulation is eligible for a grant under the GB-wide CERT scheme. The grant is provided by SSE and has received approval by Ofgem, the energy regulator. The grants can be up to £3,500 if anyone living in the property is 'priority' (see criteria below). Non priority customers can still claim up to £2,500 off the cost of Thermapool swimming pool insulation materials. We will claim this money on your behalf once your pool is completed subject to proof of correct insulation.

Thermapool up lift Benefits Priority List

Please inform your installer if anyone living in the property is in receipt of any benefits listed   

Eligible Benefits

Proof shown

Attendance Allowance


Council Tax Benefit


Child Tax Credit (with an income of less £15,592)


Disability Living Allowance


Disablement Pension (which includes a constant attendance allowance)


Housing Benefit


Income Support


Income Based Job Seekers Allowance


State Pension Credit


War Disablement Pension (which includes a mobility supplement or a constant attendance allowance)


Working Tax Credit (with an income of less than £15,592)


Elderly  Priority Group Qualifying Documents


Birth Certificate


Driving Licence


Free TV Licence


Marriage Certificate




Priority Group Link to Address


Driving Licence


Bank statement


Pension book (including Pension notice)


Tax Notice (Council Tax or HM Revenue & Customs)


Utility Bill


TV Licence




1. The Priority Group: Defra refers to those who are in the Priority Group through receipt of the relevant benefits or credits as the "benefits Priority Group". Those in the Priority Group because they are aged 70 or over will be referred to as the "elderly Priority Group".

2. For the "benefits Priority Group" the installer will need to make a note of the proof shown by the customer (i.e. a relevant statement etc.) and a "link to address" document (if the address is not shown on the benefit statement).

3. For the "Elderly Priority Group" it will be sufficient for the installer to be presented with at least one of the qualifying documents and at least one of the "link to address" documents. The installer will have to "tick" which of the documents were presented using the tables above.

Please visit the Energy Saving Trust website for more information.

For more infomation on Ofgem click here..

For more infomation on Scottish and Southern Energy click here.

How your Swimming Pool Grant is calculated

Every domestic swimming pool owner insulating with Thermapool regardless of financial status is eligible for the swimming pool energy saving grant scheme.

The building regulations introduced in October 2010 made it compulsory for all new build indoor swimming pools to be insulated, so only those new build indoor swimming pools that were commenced prior to 1 October 2010 continue to meet grant eligibility criteria. All other types of swimming pool insulation DO continue to meet the criteria.

Energy saving grants continue to apply to the insulation of all types of swimming pools - liner or tiled, refurbished indoor and outdoor, and new build outdoor swimming pool. The grant applies at a higher rate if any resident at the property is on the priority group, (criteria above).

How is the grant calculated?

SSE calculates the amount of carbon emissions saved over the lifetime of a swimming pool compared to what it would be without Thernmapool insulation using their purpose-designed carbon saving calculator. Thermapool uses this calculator as approved by SSE to estimate this figure prior to the sale of Thermapool insulation to a potential grant recipient.

Factors affecting the carbon saving figure include the size and location of the swimming pool, the surrounding soil and the heating source used to heat the pool.

The lifetime carbon saved figure is multiplied by one of two financial grant rates, one being higher for 'priority' customers. As you see above, certain Government benefits are on this list along with the pool owner having someone living in the property who is elderly or disabled. The figure of £3,500 is the highest rate possible to achieve and would be achieved by a priority customer. An average swimming pool grant would be between £600 and £1000. This sum is not payable in advance of the swimming pool insulation. It is payable after completion of the project and on photographic and documentary proof being received by Thermapool of the start and completion dates and that Thermapool was used, and was correctly installed. If a priority case, then proof is also required of that priority status. Thermapool has its own contract with SSE to claim these grants on behalf of pool owners. Thermapool pays the money back to the customer once it has been claimed and received. There are some situations where the amount of the grant fully covers the purchase price of the Thermapool insulation meaning the pool owner has insulated their swimming pool free!