Thermapool - guaranteed for 25 years, designed to last a lifetime

We are so confident of Thermapool swimming pool insulation that we have guaranteed it for 25 years. We recently attended Piscina BCN, the International Swimming Pool Exhibition in Barcelona. When it was time to remove our display we were able to demonstrate Thermapool's near indestructibility as unable to break it, we tried a sledge hammer! After many attempts we simply gave up! the good news is we are very sure of the 25 year guarantee we give you. After independent testing associated with Thermapool registering as meeting regulation insulation requirements, we found Thermapool is estimated to have a lifespan of 40 years. Following research and testing, Thermapool is eligible for a grant for domestic swimming pool owners under the UK-wide CERT scheme. the grants are provided by SSE and are approved by Ofgem, the energy regulator.

 The video clip below shows a hollow 9" wall - the type your swimming pool may be made of. We built it to show the Thermapool system at an exhibition in Barcelona.  At the end of the exhibition, we had to demolish the wall.


 It proved to be very difficult to damage the wall. Using this amont of force demonstrated how strong Thermapool really is. A block wall filled with concrete would normally disintegrate or crack with a single hammer blow of this force. We had to pull the wall over to break the breezeblocks up from the back.