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Indoor Swimming Pool pools
Indoor swimming pools are a great addition to any household and today with Thermapool indoor pools are a very affordable to own and run.

More frequently indoor swimming pools are being installed areas like basements. Thermapool has all the experience required for installing indoor swimming pools in basements to conservators.

Indoor swimming pool insulation has just court up with the rest of the building industry. New indoor swimming pool Building Regulation came into effect in October 2010 which now demand that the floors and walls of any new indoor swimming pool be fully insulated to the same U-value standards as the rest of house floors and walls.

Thermapool assisted the Government in bringing these minimum insulation standards out, that’s why we’re the only swimming pool company to have energy saving grants to insulate your indoor swimming pool correctly.

Both the public and trade professionals believe that insulation is insulation, but actually insulation has completely different characteristics. 0nce in a wet environment insulations takes on moisture, the water penetrates the insulation and becomes inefficient. Thermapool is proven to insulate your indoor swimming pool for more than 40 years.